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I was so excited with my new program I sent David Cavanagh a copy ASAP to give me some feed back. Below is the text he sent back.

As an internet marketing speaker and an expert online marketer of numerus software creation tools. I've frequently commented on the need for a software package that wouldallow anyone no matter what their software knowledge was to quickly create virtual software programs that didn't require you to be a software programmer! Wouldn't that be great! And Brian has finally done it!

When I asked business coaching experts Mark and Amanda Johnston of from Manhattan - New York city, there opinion of Program Creator Toolbox was this, "Wow, we are impressed". Brian, you are on the cutting edge with your Program Creator Toolbox software. We were having so much fun creating knockout software products for some of our business clients that we had to force our self's to stop and get back to our other projects.

Program Creator Toolbox™ is so easy to use and produces such compelling software programs that our lack of software knowledge ability is not a concern anymore. Thanks for a great product that is a real time and money generator. Your software program is a must have for any 'wanna-be' software developers on the Net.