It's called point-and-click software design. And it's destined to become the latest rage to hit the Internet and software development industry. Why? Because you don't need to waste hours, days or months wading through boring and confusing computer textbooks or attending computer classes! Instead, you follow the simple, easy steps to building your own software application in a matter of minutes!

The Dashboard

By clicking on the Dashboard Icons you'll open up new sections to developing, rebranding, producing reseller products that you can make for yourself, or sell for profit! You'll also get handy 'Office software' and information in the 'Office Toolbox' and a 'Training Center' to help you along the way in your business. Over 2 Thousand files to choose from!

A 'Quick Tour' of Program Creator!


Produce Your Own Rebranded Software!

  • 1  Choose the software you want to produce from a drop down menu.
  • 2  Text and a screen shot of the software will be shown.
  • 3  Fill in the details you want overlaid onto the software, as in name, text and add a banner or JPEG for the software.
  • 4  Software will be produced with a standard skin, as shown in a small screen shot.
    Don't like the skin you see? No problem! If you want to choose a different skin for the software then select a new skin. You have 86 new skins to chose from!
  • 5  Once you have selected what you want, click on 'Produce Software' and save it to a location of your choice.


Produce Your Own Website Templates!

  • 1  Produce your own website templates from the drop‐down menu.
  • 2  A screen shot of each template will be shown.
  • 3  'Produce Script' will save the template to location of your choice for editing with your own HTML editor.
  • 4  You can also produce website templates to sell to other people!


Produce Your Own Web Scripts!

  • 1  Produce your own Web Scripts for your own use or sell to others!
  • 2  Select scripts from the drop_down menu.
  • 3  Information about each script will be shown in text format .
  • 4  You can also check the option to save a sales page and installation notes.
  • 5  'Produce Script' will save the web script, sales text and installation notes to location of your choice, so you can either use the script yourself or sell to other people!


Program Creator Gold - Office Toolbox

  • Program Creator Gold – Office Toolbox is for your own private use. I've packaged and developed practical cost‐effective office desktop software and Internet marketing material for both online and offline sales, to give you and insight on how you could go about selling your products. In this office toolbox center you'll find 8 modules available… B2B Client Express. Word to Web Page. eCover Generator. 232 Professional Business Logos. 1500 Secret Marketing Strategies That Work Like Magic. ChecklistPro – Optimise Your Daily Office Duties. Program Creator Gold – Website Template For Quick Selling Software. Program Creator – Gold ‐ Business Marketing Calculator.


Produce Your Own Professional MS Excel Workbooks!

  • 1  Produce your own MS Excel business workbooks. For your own use or sell to others!
  • 2  Select Workbooks from the drop-down menu.
  • 3  Once you have selected the workbook you want, click on the 'Produce workbook' and save to a location of your choice.
  • 4  Business Workbooks – Development Center is for your own private use. I've developed a step-by-step tutorial for you to follow and design your own professional MS Excel workbook or spreadsheet program for re‐sale or private use. You'll need Microsoft Excel 2000 or latter to open and use this program.
  • 5  I encourage you to use the step-by-step tutorial to developing your own product/s or use the templates supplied in the MS Excel workbooks section of Program Creator Gold under the Available Module title. Apply your new found knowledge and information to build your very own professional workbooks or spreadsheet programs for fun and profit.


Produce Your Own Professional eBooks!

  • 1  Produce your own eBooks for re-sale. You get full master resell rights to reproduce and resell.
  • 2  eBooks also come with sales text and a website template to sell the eBook.
  • 3  Select from the selection of eBooks in the drop-down menu.
  • 5  Click on 'Produce eBook' and save to a location of your choice to then edit and make your eBook!


Download Over 2200 Private Label and Master Resell Rights Products!

  • 1  Mega bonus package of over 2200 products of Software, eBooks, Web templates, Web scripts, Articles, Graphic packages, Images packages and much more!
  • 2  You receive complete Master Resell Rights, the Rights to Resell the Rights, and or Private Label Rights.


Program Creator Gold Training Center!

  • 1  The Program Creator Gold – Training Center is here for your private use only. I have packaged and developed practical, cost‐effective training and learning materials from some of the best and most respected Internet entrepreneurs on this planet! In this training center you'll find 10 modules available "350 Sales and Marketing Tactics". Live audio transcripts complied into eBook format such as, Traffic Jam, Guerrilla Marketing Explained, Business Building Basics, Marketing On A Budget, Optimize Your Websites, Google Adwords Exposed, Building The Perfect Sales Funnel, Big Profits From Small Priced Products and 6 Minute Marketing.
  • 2  We encourage you to use this training center and 'TAKE ACTION" as an individual marketer, small business owner, experienced business owner, or home‐based (SOHO) business owner so that you can immediately apply the information and market the products supplied from Program Creator Gold to your online or offline businesses and make maximum profits in minimum time.


Program Creator Gold - In a Summary

  • 1  Create Amazing software in under 60 Seconds!
  • 2  Discover how to quickly and easily create your own viral branded software and other PLR products in minutes!
  • 3  Create your own stunning software files and then re‐skin the software with a NEW skin design of your choice!
  • 4  Overall there is 2,800 PRL software products within Program Creator Gold that you can sell royalty free. You get to keep 100% of the profits!
  • 5  Not have to worry about reading complex user manuals or installing other expensive software tools to get you started!
  • 6  Don't have a creative bone in your body? Don't panic, Program Creator – Gold has thousands of professional products and templates at your finger tips ready to edit, customize and sell for high profits!
  • 7  Program Creator – Gold's – Training Center is the best cost‐effective training and learning materials from some of the best and most respected Internet entrepreneurs on this planet!
  • 8  Program Creator Gold's 1500 Secret Marketing Strategies – That Work Like Magic! Volume's #1, 2 and 3. Give your self the unfair advantage of knowing the secret methods of quick step marketing for both online and offline sales success for products you create.
  • 9  Discover how to put Microsoft Excel steroids! Learn step‐by‐step how to create professional workbooks that could sell for as much as $70,000 as I have done! Professional workbooks and templates supplied.
  • 10  Don't have big money to spend on expensive software developers? Don't worry, you can now select from over 2,800 products that will sell like crazy! Program Creator ‐ Gold produces them all for you!
  • 11  Save yourself valuable time and money trying to purchase other so called software creator's. Program Creator – Gold is your one stop shop!
  • 12  Now you can instantly start your OWN software empire with the World's Number #1 Secret Software Toolbox. Program Creator – Gold is finally here for you!