Softwares Created Within The Program Creator Toolbox

The following programs were selected at random from within Program Creator Toolbox™ and produced within 23 minutes! Remembering you have another 295 software applications and files you can choose from to sell royalty FREE.

IE Toolmenu Shortucts
IE Toolmenu shortcuts allows users to put up to 3 programs into Internet Explores tool menu (beside help menu). This program is great to bundle with programs like Source code grabber or Ping Magic. Is very simple to use, just browse to a exe file, then change the name to suit and click Set. Hit reset to clear the item from the tool menu. IE must be restarted for new items to show
Note Organizer
Note organizer is an advanced program for storing notes, you can create as many sections as you want, sections on html snippets, peoples contact details the possibilities are endless. Very easy to use and navigate - it's the best way to store notes and organize yourself. Ad and remove folders and notes easily!
Swift Namer
Do you rename a lot of images? Need to change file extensions quickly? Swift Namer does all that. It's as easy as typing in a new name, ticking the items you want to rename then clicking rename!
Cache Spy
A great little program to search and clear your Internet Explorer Cache. You can search the cache for certain words and even more than one at a time - each separated with a comma. Tick the 'Show content....' checkbox and get a view of what the items are. It's also a great way to see what sites people have visited - or even see what your partner has been up to!
Easy Backup
Easy Backup is a great little program for backing up your most needed files. You can add the extensions of the files you want to keep, you could use this to backup your websites (set the extensions as .html, .htm, .gif and .jpg) or whatever else you like. The program can be set to only back up files that have changed this greatly speeds up the backup process the second time round.
Simply GST
Filing your TAX a problem! Not any more. Simply GST is built to the Australian ATO specifications. Simply GST has a familiar spreadsheet layout that has clearly labeled columns to enter all necessary figures that the ATO require. No advanced accounting knowledge is necessary. Automatically transfers all data entries to the 'BAS and Calculation Sheets' ready for printing. Enter your sales and income + purchases and expenses then the BAS is automatically filled in!
Computer Time Monitor
Don't be fooled, this program packs a punch! Load it at start-up to see how long your computer runs for. Can also be used to see if someone turns on your computer because it will tracked be logged! The program is small and can be made transparent so it's 'out of the way' you can keep track of how long you have been on your pc. Or if you have kids they and you, can see how long they have been on the pc - no more arguments!! If they close it, then it will be logged.
Form Builder
Quickly build a form that allows visitors to submit information to you, create your own one that has all the fields that you require - setup an unlimited number and you can make it so they are validated (have to be filled out) you can set it so it goes to one email address or they can select from a choice of address's. Very easy to use and also comes with a quick help file to get people going.
File Splitter
A great tool for splitting files to fit onto disks or for use in sending large emails. Ever sent a file through email with your account timing out? Yeah right! Remember you can only send an email file with a maximum of 7MB's, anything bigger will NOT send and time out for you. Well... Split it with File Splitter and send it in chunks. Has settings for splitting for floppies, small email, good size email and big files. Or you can choose your custom size. After splitting you just click Join Files then choose one main file and join all.
Easy Finanical Planning
Most of us have trouble keeping track of our finances! Easy Financial Planning helps you keep on top of things by providing an easy way to maintain your important financial records and helping you make financial plans for the future. A comprehensive monthly home budget sheet and income/expenditure sheet, allowing you to keep track of all your expenditure each month with a built-in feature to track how much over and under budget each item is, as well as automatically calculating all the totals for you.
Appointment Manager
Appointment Manager is the fastest, most user-friendly software for scheduling and managing appointments. This electronic appointment book is specifically designed to bring the most critical components of your business together, your customers and your time. Appointment Manager helps you promptly serve your customers and maximize your productivity. Full reports menu and meeting notes to print daily, weekly and monthly schedules. Complete front office solution for business operations.
Dead Favorites
Create an unlimited amount of doorways to your site; dramatically boost your search engine position. Very easy to use - just insert your title, keywords, description of site then click build. You can drop the created html into a html document or just click the save button and have it export for you.
Website Email Protector
In 2001, spam email accounted for 8% of email sent. Today, according to industry experts, it accounts for 64% to 85% of all email sent. Spam is a huge productivity drain on business. We tested several demo-version email harvesting programs and found that changing the "@" and "." to their Unicode equivalents was sufficient to fool the spambots. Email protector does the trick!
Property Management Portfolio
Use over 30 different spreadsheet forms, from a main navigator menu to monitor your property investment. All connect to one main summary page that gives you a 'Return On your Investment' report. Other features include a Wealth Chart, Loan Calculator and loaded to monitor 8 properties. Print completed summaries and reports to give to your Accountant for end of year reporting.
Real Estate Property Lister
Incorporates property management, sales listing and customer relationship management within the one software package. It breaks down the barriers between information and provides a single technology environment to help the sales consultants manage their business or clients, thus helping to increase sales. Includes full property listings and reports, store photo's, email property reports to clients and many more functions for complete real estate listings.