4 Success Factors

that separate The 'Program Creator Toolbox™' from Any Other Software Development Process


You point, you click and follow the easy step-by-step visual instructions
No need to read volumes of information here. Follow the simple instructions and look at the visual pictures. Important tasks are illustrated with clear screen shots to make your own software for resale where you keep 100% of the profits.


You get an ABC System that covers EVERYTHING!
I give you simple steps to developing your very own copyright software programs, whether it be .EXE programs, or developing within the Microsoft Office set of programs. You literally follow the steps and fill-in-the-blanks to create your own software program in a matter of minutes!


Fast track your way to success
You'll receive over '300 Open Design Templates' (O.D.T's). It's the blueprint of successful software development. These open design applications will save you time and thousands of dollars in development hours. The 'Open Design Templates' could be your starting point to developing your very own software empire. Who knows!

You simply select from the library of applications and then import what you need into the 'Program Creator Toolbox™' interface. Then, "Hey Presto" 90% of the development work has already been done for you! You'll save time, money and fast track your way to success with any of the 'Open Design Templates'!

These 'Open Design Templates' will be the most critical part of the building foundation to any new software program that you will end up producing in the near future. It's the blueprint system I've used for many years! It's just like having me standing over your shoulder and telling you exactly what to do! From these applications you could end up producing the next 'Hottest' selling software program on the market today… Who knows!


The MAIN thing is if you follow the steps, you WILL get end results - Guaranteed
Here's the deal: At the end of the day it's all about getting end RESULTS. When you get "end results" it means you get something accomplished and finished that you were struggling with or were stopped by before. The whole goal of the 'Program Creator Toolbox™ development centre is to get you taking bite-sized steps that gets you end RESULTS quickly.

And the end results fuel your motivation and drive's you to do more.
Because you aren't just reading. You're doing IT! You're getting THINGS done. And you are setting yourself up for the future.